Record a voice over in Premiere Pro CS3

Connect the microphone to the mic‑level input jack on the computer or sound card. If necessary, choose Edit > Preferences > Audio Hardware (Windows) or Premiere Pro > Preferences > Audio Hardware (Mac OS) to configure the input device.

If you want to preview the Timeline panel as you record, position the current‑time indicator in the Timeline panel a few seconds before the time when you want the voice‑over to begin.

In the Audio Mixer, click the Record Enable button  for any tracks on which you want to record audio.

In the Audio Mixer, click the Record button for the sequence. Adobe Premiere Pro prepares the sequence for recording but moves the playhead only when you press the Play button.

Select Meter Input(s) Only in the Audio Mixer menu to meter only the sound card’s inputs.

Test the input levels by speaking into the microphone.

When you finish testing, deselect Meter Input(s) Only to meter the project’s audio tracks also.

Speak into the microphone again. Watch the Audio Mixer level meters to ensure that the input levels for record‑enabled tracks are high but not clipping.

Click the Play button in the Audio Mixer, and then start speaking the voice‑over.


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