New in Final Cut Pro 7

Final Cut Pro 7 lets you do more—and do it faster—with new versions of Apple ProRes, time-saving interface improvements, and easy collaboration tools. Top new features include:

Expanded ProRes family

There are three new versions of the ProRes codec: ProRes 422 (Proxy) for offline editing; ProRes 422 (LT) for projects that require reduced file sizes at broadcast quality, such as news, sports, and events; and ProRes 4444 for compositing and digital workflows that require the highest-possible image fidelity. For more information, see page 9.

Easy export

Delivery to your Apple devices, the web, and disc is just a click away. Choose your output format in the Share window, then keep working while your projects are rendered, com­pressed, and even published to the web in the background. For more information, see page 14.

iChat Theater support

Now you can work with clients or collaborators as if they were in the room with you—in real time, from anywhere in the world.2 For more information, see page 11.

New speed change tools

Change clip speeds with ease in the redesigned Change Speed window. You can also now create constant or variable speed changes right in the Timeline. For more informa­tion, see page 15.

Alpha transitions

It’s now easier than ever to create dramatic transitions with moving mattes. For more information, see page 15.

Improved markers

Final Cut Pro 7 offers flexible new ways to work with markers, including color coding, custom naming, and more. For more information, see page 12.

Automatic transfer

When you’re working under deadline, every second counts. Final Cut Pro now saves you setup time when you transfer clips from a wide range of file-based cameras including Panasonic P2 and Sony XDCAM EX. For more information, see page 10.

Native AVC-Intra support

Final Cut Pro 7 makes it easy to work with the latest high-quality cameras from Panasonic. Native support for the AVC-Intra format means you can ingest footage directly into Final Cut Pro at high speeds—without transcoding. Work with real-time effects and edit with multiple streams, thanks to ultrafast decoding of both 50-Mbps and 100-Mbps formats.8 Product Overview Final Cut Studio

New timecode window

Now you can see the timecode up close or from across the room. The floating, resizable window is easily visible when you’re working with clients and can be quickly adjusted for your own logging and note-taking.

Closed captioning support

Final Cut Pro 7 offers expanded support for closed captioning—including both Line 21 for SD and VANC for HD video. You can preserve captioning data when you capture tape sources, and use popular third-party captioning software to create new captions as needed. New options let you output video with captioning to tape as well as to formats for web playback.

Improved tabs

Tabs in Final Cut Pro 7 are even more flexible and convenient to use—which is particu­larly helpful for editors working on large projects. For more information, see page 12.

Background exporting

Now you can keep editing in Final Cut Pro while using Compressor to render, export, and publish in the background—whether you choose a template in the new Share window or use the Send to Compressor option in the File menu. To render in the background at maximum speed, use the Apple Qmaster QuickCluster feature.

Global transitions

Save time by applying a single transition to multiple cut points in one step. Just select a range—either a set of clips or the entire sequence—then add a transition. Final Cut Pro automatically inserts the effect at every cut point and resizes the transitions to use avail­able media. Easily substitute different transitions until you get just the look you want.

Multi-Touch gesture support

Work quickly when you’re on the set or on the road by using the Multi-Touch trackpad on your MacBook Pro. Navigate faster with gestures: Pinch to zoom horizontally within the Timeline; rotate to scrub the Timeline, Viewer, or Canvas; and use a three-finger swipe to advance the playhead across edit points.

Cinema Tools 4.5

Streamline your digital cinema workflows with the improved film management features in Cinema Tools 4.5, an application included in Final Cut Studio. Create new databases simply by dragging files into Cinema Tools, and produce change lists with ease using XML files. For more information, see page 18.

Improved render management

Render management enhancements reduce the need to re-render as you trim clips, move media, and perform a wide range of other functions. This means you can work more efficiently as you experiment with creative options.

Faster media reconnecting for workgroups

Final Cut Pro now uses the Spotlight engine to speed up media searches. The increased speed produces significantly faster media reconnecting as well as better media manage-ment for an entire workgroup using a high-speed network such as Xsan.9 Product Overview Final Cut Studio

Markers in multicam

You can now prepare multicam projects faster thanks to new support for markers. Retain markers on multiclips when you switch angles, and add marker notes to make multicam projects more efficient when you’re working with multiple editors.

Comprehensive matchframe and reveal options

New matchframe and reveal options make it easy to find original frames or source files that are used in a sequence. For more information, see page 13.

Display SD safe title area inside HD

If you’re working in HD but need to deliver in SD, it can be challenging to position titles and graphics. Now you can display tick marks that show where graphics will be cut off on standard-definition displays based on the broadcast-safe title area.


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