New in Color 1.5 (Final Cut Studio)

Now with expanded support for digital cinema workflows, Color 1.5 lets you confidently create unique color grading looks and deliver at the highest quality.

Seamless round-tripping with Final Cut Pro 7

You can now send most long, complex sequences—including scenes with still graphics, speed effects, multicam clips, and other advanced functions—directly to Color from Final Cut Pro, with no preparation required. Speed changes render faster when you send your graded sequence back to Final Cut Pro.

4K support

Color 1.5 allows you to grade and render at maximum quality, with a workflow that sup­ports native 4K files from cameras such as the RED ONE. Output directly to ProRes 4444 for HD delivery or render DPX or Cineon files for digital cinema mastering or film outs.

Support for new high-quality formats

Whether you’re grading a sequence in HD or creating a grade for a film out, Color 1.5 produces stunning quality. Work natively in new high-end formats such as Sony XDCAM HD 422 (50 Mbps) and Panasonic AVC-Intra, or use the new ProRes 4444 for grading with the maximum amount of color information.

Relink for digital cinema workflows

Color 1.5 can read a database created in Cinema Tools 4.5 to track your original film or digital files. This means you can edit quickly in Final Cut Pro using ProRes proxies, then use the industry-standard film tracking process in Cinema Tools to easily relink to the original DPX or RED files for color grading.

Affordable options for hardware control

Dedicated control surfaces help you work efficiently when you’re grading hundreds of shots. In addition to support for high-end controllers from JLCooper and Tangent Devices, Color now supports a new generation of affordable control surfaces, including the Tangent Devices Wave and the Euphonix MC Color.

Direct import and grading of DPX files

Pregrading your dailies before editing lets you work with footage that looks more polished—especially important when a client or director is in the room. With Color 1.5, you can work directly with DPX files, which means you can import and grade your dailies before the creative editing begins.44 Product Overview Final Cut Studio.

Optimized rendering

Color 1.5 renders more efficiently by processing only the shots that have changed. The Add Unrendered feature automatically selects the shots you need to re-render when you make changes. The Add All Beauty Grades option ensures that you render only the grades you have flagged as the final, approved version. Open the Render Log to see at a glance a detailed record of your rendered jobs.

Copy and paste in the Color FX room

You can create new looks faster than ever by copying and pasting Color FX nodes. Modify an existing effect by quickly duplicating elements, or bring a set of nodes into an entirely new effect.

Disable grade status display

The new status display warns you when you have disabled all your grades to view original footage. This lets you compare the latest color grade and the original footage without confusion.

Copy grades to all selected clips

Now you can grade an entire scene in the time it takes to grade a single clip. Just grade the first shot, then select all of the clips in the scene. Drag and drop a “one-light” grade, and you’re done.

Improved waveform display

You can now view the waveform display in either millivolt or IRE scales for PAL or NTSC formats. A zoom indicator lets you know whether you’ve enlarged the view to show greater detail in the signal.

Shift-Z shows entire sequence

When working with long sequences, it’s essential to be able to quickly zoom out to re-establish your context. Now you can view all clips at once in the Timeline, using a single keyboard command that is identical to the one used in other Final Cut Studio applications.

New Apple-designed looks

In addition to more than 20 signature looks provided in Color, you can download more than 90 new Apple-designed color grades. The looks, reminiscent of your favorite films, include Glows, Sepias, Day for Night, Blues and Greens, and more. You can download the looks at


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