Editing Tools in Final Cut Pro 7

The faster the tools, the more time you have to be creative. Final Cut Pro 7 makes it even easier to edit quickly, accurately, and flexibly with a range of interface enhance­ments that make everything from editing and trimming to sweetening and finishing more efficient.

Precision editing and trimming

Final Cut Pro 7 provides a full set of industry-leading editing and trimming tools that are incredibly easy to use. Edit in the Timeline or with the innovative Edit Overlay tool.

Choose from a comprehensive set of edits, including Insert, Overwrite, Replace, Fit-to-fill, Superimpose, and Swap Edit. Then fine-tune your choices with Ripple, Roll, Slip, Slide, Extend, and Shorten, either in the Timeline or in a dedicated Trim window.

You’ll find all the tools that professional editors expect—including three-point editing, JKL keyboard navigation, match frame, multitrack and asymmetric trimming, extend and split edit functions, and more. It’s all there, it’s all frame accurate, and it’s all fast.

Real-time multicam editing

Cut multicamera footage as quickly as if you were switching a live show. Simultaneously view and cut from multicamera sources using the intuitive 1-, 4-, 9-, or 16-up display. For even more speed and convenience, group up to 128 sources into multiclips, adding and subtracting cameras at any time.

Flexible markers

Final Cut Pro 7 offers flexible new ways to work with markers. You can now color-code clip and sequence markers and use them to search for or jump directly to important locations.

You can add marker notes and metadata while the clip is playing, create a custom name for each marker color, and control whether markers of a specific color are visible in the Timeline.

A new option allows markers to automatically ripple in the Timeline as you edit. You can even export a tab-delimited Markers list to track marker information in a spread­sheet or a database.

Convenient tabs

You can now color-code tabs to make them easier to identify, and drag to reorder them. It’s also easy to distinguish Projects from Bins with the new Project icon in the tab header. Because Final Cut Pro allows you to have multiple sequences open at the same time, you can work faster by using the Close Other Tabs shortcut to close all nonactive sequences or Bins with a click. Save even more time by using a host of new keyboard shortcuts for efficient tab navigation.13 Product Overview Final Cut Studio

Comprehensive matchframe and reveal options

New matchframe options make it easy to find original frames or source files that are used in a sequence. If you’re working with subclips, you can choose to matchframe to the subclip or to the original clip. Matchframing now works with freeze frames as well as nested sequences, which are treated like a true master clip.

Use the new Reveal Affiliate Clips feature to automatically select every instance of a clip in a sequence, so you can apply a color correction or efficiently move or delete all instances in a single step. You can also find the project file without digging through your drives. Just right-click an empty space in the Final Cut Browser and choose Reveal Project in Finder.

Full customizable workspace

Final Cut Pro speeds your edit by letting you work the way you want. Easily custom­ize window layouts and Timeline track sizes; customize Browser column order, width, and layout; and adjust font size in the Browser and Timeline. Then zoom through your work with customizable access to more than 600 commands. You can create keyboard shortcuts—or add buttons to the user interface—for the commands you use most.

Audio sweetening

Mix and enhance audio directly in Final Cut Pro, with 24 channels of audio input and output in a 99-track timeline, all at up to 24-bit, 96kHz resolution. Freely adjust your mix without altering the original audio files.

You can adjust your levels using the onscreen mixer or ride multiple faders at the same time on any device that supports the Mackie Control protocol. The Normalization Gain feature analyzes and automatically raises the level of any clip to its maximum without distortion.

If you want to use audio effects, you can apply the same high-quality Audio Units filters used in Soundtrack Pro—such as Reverb and EQ—to sweeten audio on the spot or for easy round-tripping.

Pristine finishing and frame-accurate output

Final Cut Pro 7 has complete, frame-accurate Edit to Tape and Print to Video tools for creating professional output. High-quality effects processing, including 32-bit floating-point filters, ensure that picture-in-picture effects or effects with fine detail will look crisp and beautiful.

Enhanced media management

Use the Final Cut Pro Media Manager for project-, sequence-, or clip-level operations. Quickly and accurately copy, move, and consolidate projects. Search, sort, and sift right in the Browser to rapidly find the assets you need for your project. Media reconnecting is lightning fast with new Spotlight integration.14 Product Overview Final Cut Studio

Easy export

Delivery to your Apple devices, the web, and disc is just a click away. Choose your out­put format in the Share window, then keep working while your projects are rendered, compressed, and even published to the web in the background.

Use this convenient feature to export your file to iTunes for syncing with iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV; publish to YouTube or MobileMe4; or burn a Blu-ray disc3 or a DVD, with a choice of Apple-designed menu templates. You can also create custom presets in Compressor for use in the Share window.


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